The Australian Spiritual Healers Association (the ASHA) was founded in 1964, in Melbourne, by the late Arthur Kendrick with the help of the English Spiritual Healer, Harry Edwards. The ASHA was founded with a vision of uniting all Spiritual Healers within Australia and with the hopes and aspirations of promoting Spiritual Healing Australia wide and internationally.

ASHA was a national organisation until the 1990’s when it was split into state bodies to comply with Incorporations Laws. The State bodies belong to the ASHA National Council which is comprised of a Patroness, National President, National Coordinator and the President and Secretaries of each state body.

Sadly ASHA WA is the only state body still operating in Australia and is the contact for ASHA National.

ASHA WA is a membership organisation and:

· Holds Healer Development Courses.

· Holds Regular Public Healing Days.

· Maintains a Register of available Healers

· Has a Distant Healing Network


More information can be found on individual pages.


ASHA now has a Facebook page under the name “Australian Spiritual Healers Association”  where a distant healing space has been set up and information on healing days and some inspirational posts are shared.




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