What is Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is the practice of attuning to Divine Life Force energy by meditative means or prayer, to be the instrument or means through which this energy can be channelled to a person, place or object - present or not - via the Hands or Loving thoughts to have a beneficial effect upon the person as a whole on any or all levels of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Spiritual Healing has been practised throughout the world for many centuries by members of various religions and cultures. Throughout the ages, this aspect of beneficial intervention has not been confined to any one faith, creed, or nation, and continues to be widespread through many faiths and cultures today.

While the healing ability may lie dormant within many, most people who have a love and compassion for others are able to develop their healing skills

The Spiritual  Healing energies work simultaneously on all levels of the client’s being. Spiritual Healers may or may not consciously see or feel the Healing energies flowing. However, this matters little, for it is the intention to bring about Healing, and the belief that this can be achieved by being an instrument, or channel, through which the Healing is directed to the client, that allows healing to occur.

With Spiritual Healing distinctions of race, class, sex, or religion are irrelevant; no affirmation of religious faith is required of the client.

The ASHA member’s practice Spiritual Healing by the laying-on of hands, and by attunement through meditation and prayer, a healer seeks to induce a beneficial effect upon a client’s life force at all levels of existence.

Spiritual Healing may be given for any illness, stress, or injury as a therapy, which has no side effects, and is complementary to any other therapy.




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