The ASHA Spiritual Healer Development Courses are designed to facilitate the development of the participantís healing potential together with their individual personal development, and to provide a basic knowledge and understanding of the principles and practice of Spiritual Healing


The Courses are presented by trained ASHA Healer-Member Tutors, each of whom has significant professional and personal experience in the field of Spiritual Healing.


The Healing Course consists of 2 parts Level 1 and Level 2


On completion of Level 1, 30 hrs (or more if necessary) probationary Hands on Healing under the guidance of a Fully Practising Healer will need to be completed before Level 2 is able to undertaken.


At present the ASHA Healer Development Courses are held over 2 full days for each level and they are currently available in WA in Perth at 3 locations:

 South Guildford



ASHA Spiritual Healers are bound by a strict Code of Conduct and Healing Ethics.


For Brochures and Healing Course Dates please contact

President Brenda Kirkebjerg


Phone : 0407 778 049


PO Box 327


Western Australia 6935




Healer Development Courses


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